Wednesday, February 3, 2010

saudi princes cars in Europe


  1. Not all are princes. Some of them are from the Saudi elite familes.. busniessmen etc..

  2. that's big shit I mean that's empty talk

  3. How can a wealthy oil country let theire own people live in poverty and suffering? Lock to Norway, also a wealthy oil country. But a different kind of life for every one....
    In a population about 5 millions there are registeret about 6000 homeless people, and the focus os in on them. It is also strange to see homeless dogs, only cats in Norway. Dogs have a better life than thous poore souls in Saudi...

  4. I want the second car <- In dreams LooL

  5. pink KSA , hello we,re discussing some serious issue here .. a pity plz >.<
    pink KSA , hello we,re discussing some serious issue here .. a pity plz >.<
    whrere are "zkat al mal" and what the hell they are doing by our money .. (if they r princes) enjoy O princes soon you all will ask about this money in ur graves .. enjoy guys and let the poor ppl here eat dust , even the dust start to be expensive here ..oops
    and if they aren't princes why they are bragging while they know some ppl dying to eat here , to get home and from cold weather in the winter !!!
    ..dont be sad O my nation .. God Knows and he delays them to specific day when there's no mercy and money do nothing.

  6. i live in Saudi Arabia in ryiadh i never ever seen
    the pics that you show
    by the way you are a mothe fucker

  7. mother fucker mother fucker

  8. على زبي راعي الصفحة

  9. I agree that there are many poor people in KSA especally in Riyadh and north province.

    We cannot hide this matter.

    I thank the people who show this issue to all world country.

    Rich country + Poor people = Kingdom of saudi Arabia

  10. I hope the publication of this video and thank you
    أهانه الفقراء

  11. شكرا لك على جهودك

    مع ذلك تظل السعودية بلد الاسلام

    وفي كل مجتمع فقر

    فتاة السعودية منال

  12. As any place in the whole world , we have poor people and rich people ,, even if we are oil country that doesn't mean we don't have the poverty problem.. it's every socity's problm. you can look for example to the US. it consider to be one of the strongest counrties and yet , they have a large number of peole who sleep on the street .. am I right??

  13. لما نخجل من الحقيقة.؟
    الفقر في السعودية ليس بسبب قلة المال ولكن بسبب الفساد وبسبب الانظمة التي تزيد الفقير فقراً والغني غنا.
    نسبة كبيرة من الفقراء هم اما متقاعدون او موظفون برواتب لايمكن العيش بها في دولة غنية ومستوى المعيشة فيها مرتفع جدا.

    كذالك من الفقراء الكبار في السن والحجزة اين دور الحكومة ..؟
    الجمعيات الخيرية ليست حل وليست علاج للمشكلة

  14. على تبن
    والفقراء الي بالسعوديه اجاااانب
    ولا بدون جنسيه
    سوو كل تبن

  15. والاجانب مسؤولية الحكومة بتوفير المعيشة الانسانية لهم او ترحيلهم لبلادانهم..
    هذا لو كانو الفقراء هنا اجانب..
    اما كلامك . كل اناء بمافيه ينضح

  16. we dont need a torrest fucker american to teach us about our own proplems .. some of your photos r old and some token by a wrong way just to say a message : saudi is bad country

    nooooooo shitface we love our country and we respect our leaders not like you .. and if you fix your ur fucking eyes you will see that every day the poor people less and they have a better and better live ... we are muslims and human

    please go and but the lights on the criminals Bush and rise and Ramsfield and the other shit in your country like drugs and living with adultery all day like the animals


  17. As any place in the whole world , we have poor people and rich people ,, even if we are oil country that doesn't mean we don't have the poverty problem.. it's every socity's problm. you can look for example to the US. it consider to be one of the strongest counrties and yet , they have a large number of peole who sleep on the street .. am I right?

    Absloutly, riiiiiiiiiight!

    You can say that the reason behind that poverty especially in our country is
    (( Lining Corrupt ))..

    But, we have to know that there is Allah who is going to punish every mistaken in his afterlife.

    Alhanouf, Riyadh

  18. all peoples who wrote in this page which say bad talks and they do not admit that there is poor peoples are princes dogs with chain

  19. لازم تصير امير او بطنشان تعيش في هالديره زز حسبي الله و نعم والوكيل

    و الي علقوا وزعلانين اقولهم الاولين ادرى قالو جوع جريك يلحقك

  20. hi i once came to look at your site and was interested now i came here to have permitt to have some photos to borrow from you... I would like to put in my blog if you dont mind...

    The purpose of this is to get know about ksa's behind 2
    Thanks a lot

    *I dont know why...your site is so heavy..i cant hardly move to scroll down ...takes a bit long time :((

  21. معادلة التنمية صعبة طرف مهم جدا هو من ينمى يجب أن يكون واعي

  22. Good day to all..
    am a saudi man, a true one.
    should i lay to make my country as every one said(rich,safe,comfort,etc...)
    Those people who are laying about how much corruption we have her,,, they might be rich(so they don't know what they are talking about,they have a defrent way of life)OR working for goverment to say so(it's there job, they get paid for it)OR benefited from corruption(so they love to keep it as it is)
    Thanks alot's better to show the truth,,than to show lay's..

  23. if you tell me on country without any poor people i will tell you one country without any rich people :)

  24. In all over the world have poor and rich people you have to Now that

    like white and black OK

  25. thank you for shwing the facts and figures
    these are some of the facts about saudi and what you dont know are worse.

  26. It is natural to be established there poverty in Saudi Arabia!
    But it is natural to talk about as if only!
    You'll an American coming from a poverty rate of more than Saudi Arabia!
    This non-diseases.
    This thing Lech in the Kingdom and as
    Even in the UAE, Kuwait, Qatar and Britain!
    Without the presence of the poor to the rich because they knew rich

    As God Almighty has destined to this life and the dignified living
    They should be patient!
    I admit, but I ask that there be Ondmp and assistance to these poor people they are part of the community:)

  27. ok if u dont like it why dont u leave, unless u r fining it better than the USA, for me i wouldnt live in a country that is worse than my own country thou. so if u want to show the whole picture why dont u bring the other side of sadui arabia if u really care about it. we as many others have both poor and wealthy people but the second one is the majorty thanks god. and please leave us to deal with our problems as we have been fed enough by ur goverment so for god sake leave us alone u bustered

  28. hey .. what i could not believe is an arabic car plate number in europ .. dont you feel that u r not real and whats goin on is fake ..

  29. keep exposing those motherfuckers suadians, fuck them and their stupid religion... i am from uae and I'm telling u how much i'm upset because my government setting doing nothing letting the stupid saudies spreading their culture, tradition and their terrifying religion all over my country... i goddamn see women-ghost-look-alike walking around in shopping malls such dubai-mall robed up in garbage, sick fuck clothes.. man i heat their religion, I wish if the united states drop the big (the hydrogen ) or something on makah and whipped out… well anyways, talk about their stupid religion sometime and their falls prophet mohamad…

  30. صاحب صاحبهمFebruary 24, 2010 at 6:09 AM

    حسبي الله على ال سعود
    كانوا حكامنا منهم في الماضي يستحقون الاحترام
    اما الان البلد كلها في ضياع
    الذين ينتقدون صاحب المدونة انتقد حكامنا الذين اضاعونا
    البلد في فساد وفقر وبطالةوانعدام للامن وضعف للخدمات والبنية التحتية دمار
    وكل هذا ونحن فقط 25 مليون واقتصاد بترولي كبير
    اسعار الاراضي والخدمات مرتفة بدون سبب واضح الا تدخل ال سعود في ارزاق الناس ورفع الاسعار للكسب الشخصي وتحويل الاموال للخارج وكان البلد ليست بلدهم

  31. مووووووووووووتو بغيضكم واللي فيه خير يروح يشتغل لو سباك ويبني نفسة بنفسة مو يستنى وضيفة مدير عام .
    تففففففوه عليكم شعب واطي حقود .

  32. I would realy like to thank for these picture that shows the reality of saudi arabia>>

  33. Thank you so much for revealing part of the truth. Other countries envy us for being “Saudis” not knowing that we suffer more than they do.

    An Islamic country!! What Islamic country you’re talking about? A country that doesn’t apply Islam’s rules is not Islamic. Just because we have Makkah and Maddinah you’ll call Saudi Arabia Islamic country? Bullshit.

    Poor people are there everywhere in the world, that’s true, but corruption is not. Most of the pictures show corruption in Saudi Arabia in indirect way. You can see old schools, homeless people, poor people, broken streets, etc. those things point to corruption more than to poorness.

  34. راعى الأولهMarch 7, 2010 at 9:03 PM

    لم يظهر فى هذا التقرير الا جزء من الحقيقه دعونا من التشنج بدون فائده

  35. الحين هالامريكي وش دخل ابوه فينا؟ وايش هالمقارنه الساخره, يضحك علينا وحنا ساكتين ,انا معكم انه في فقر في بلدنا ولكن هذا شي طبيعي,و والفقر طبيعة اي دوله طبيعيه,والله ان امريكا مليانه بصور اخس من هذي,ولكن ليش دايم محد يشوف الا اخطاءنا؟ اولا لاننا مسلمين ثانيا لان الله اكرمنا ثالثا لانها حرب وهذا الموقع وسيلة..وشكرا

  36. هاي

    صور تعكس الواقع المر الذي يحاول أهل الإسلام أن يخفوه

    شيء يتقع وشيء ما يترقع؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟

    زيزو ::: وليش راعي الصفحة على زبك؟؟ وش اللي احرق رزك؟؟؟غباء فعلا

  37. راوندي ...
    روح ل صفحتك المعفنة
    ولا تحذف تعليقات المعارضين لك يا...ه
    اما اهل الإسلام فهم أفضل و أكرم منك ومن أهلك

  38. I think if they have the money, why not spend it.

    Wherever you go in the world, there's always the poor and the rich. Always.

  39. You are doing a great job of documenting something that a lot of people here don't want documented, don't want exposed and surely don't want to talk about.

    There is a prevailing delusion in Saudi and among the Saudi people especially, that if it is not talked about, it is not real.

    You see it all over - in guys who whore around and drink in Bahrain or private villas; in the denial of abuse of domestic help and foreign workers; in rampant homosexuality; in women who wear scandalous clothing to parties, but cover themselves with veils and abayas on the way there and back.

    Probably the best example of this societal delusion is the so-called Saudi Cassanova of several months ago. People (a lot of people!) were calling for his head, not because he was promiscuous, but because he made the mistake of talking about it! Another great example is the outrage that occurred when "Girls of Riyadh" first came out! Yikes!

    In documenting the darker side of Saudi society, you're doing the same thing - forcing people out of their delusions. No wonder there are so many angry and hate-filled comments!

    Keep up the great work.

  40. I wish if I were a princess but that's a pipe dream. Through ages every prince & princess lives in palaces, served by servants and surrounded by money. This is life! u can't change it.

    Stop hating and worship your God(Allah) in order to get into heaven.

    the life is too short. it's not worth to even talk about it . Everyone will get their requital in the day of judgment.

  41. You know George I think you are a fugot that no saudi royal would bed so you are burning with envy and posting all kind of shit about KSA, why donot you move to SF and post some pictures of rich fags ..or may be you a are a servant that is never appreciated or a woman that is mad because she does not have a saudi husband or how about a non saudi man that wish he could be one. haha

  42. حسبي الله على ال سعود ليش ( ايش عملو لك ليش الحقد طبيعتن للاسف الحقد بدل من العمل وانتاج الحلول ) ؟؟؟؟؟؟

    اخي انت تبث الحقد والجهل : اين المشايخ والتيار الديني من الجرائم الاخلاقيه واحكامهم الضعيفه ليت الجرائم الاخلاقيه ارهاب لقضي عليها ال سعود المتخاذلين في الجرائم والقضاه الذين يعبدون تراث لاتوجد به اجابه لجريمة الاغتصاب , لو عرفوا القران بدل من جنون هذا التراث , لعرفوا ان الله توعد من اشاع الفاحشه بعذاب اليم بالدنيا والاخره لماذا لايسمعوا كلام الله بدلا من ما قدسوه وجعلوه ختم الله

    ورسوله بخاري انا من انصار السنه النبويه لكني لا اومن بان كلا مافيه صحيح او غير قابل لنقد, كلمة حق لا تبرر التقصير رغم التخاذل :
    قارن السعوديه بسوريه في سوريه تكل تبن وتعذب ولاتقدر ترفع راسك هنا تقابل الامير سلمان يخذ حقك ويمسح به التراب , في اليمن شيخ القبيله وابناءه يعتدون على القبيله الاضعف او الضعوف ويطردونهم من منازلهم لانهم مادفعوا الزكاه الي يسرقها شيخ القبيله الجزيره بثت الخبر

    الحقيقه لو لا الله ثم عبدالعزيز لكانت الغربيه للهاشمي الاردن والسياح الغربين بمكه , والجنوب تابع لليمن والشرقيه كانت بريطانيا ستمنحها للكويت اوالعراق ونجد لابن رشيد اكبر جريمه ل ال سعود انهم وسعوا الدوله لو ركزوا على ارضي اجدادهم الشرقيه حتى الدرعيه وتركوا باقي قرى نجد والغربيه والجنوب لاهلها , كان السعوديه اليوم في بحبوحه عدد سكان قليل ماهي الفائده من هذا التوسع الضخم ضم بعض الاعراب الحقدين (القران شاهد) وجرائم واستهلاك والخ ....كان اغلبهم اذا انضم للسعوديه عن طريق تاشيره ابن الحساااا

    هذا التيار الديني المتخلف الذي يعبد التراث الاسلامي الي يطعن بعصمة الرسول لماذا لا يتم تنقيته من الاساءة بحق الرسول (ص) والتي تجعلني كمسلم اشعر بالعار والتي يتبناها المنصرون للاساءه للديني.

  43. OK, I think that I would be a fair judge in this case as I am British (native), and I did live in Saudi for seven years. I admit that Saudis can be very ignorant and selfish, but If you compare the treatment of the saudi government to their people with the treatment of our (Brits and yanks) governments to us, then you will find that Saudis are treated much better than us.
    My proof:
    1. Saudis get free education (including university), we don't.
    2. Saudis get free health care, we don't.
    3. Saudis don't have to pay tax, we do (and it's a bloody lot of money)
    4. Each Saudi citizen is entitled to a free plot of land (in the desert-not city), we don't get a free bus ride.
    And let's not forget that Obama, and the British Princes ALL have expensive cars......and we(the taxpayers) are paying for them!
    To be honest, I get annoyed with Saudis just as much as you, because mostofthem are racist, and they trat foreigners like dirt, but that doesnt mean they are always wrong.
    Best regards,

  44. Come on , where the money of oil is going ???

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