Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Hail city Official Stadium 2010


  1. لأسف صاحب الموضوع انت والمدونه سعوووودي

    والله قهر على الكلام ذا

  2. When you are biased you can prove any point you like. In the case of the stadiums, the author shows 3D computer images and not actual pictures of African stadiums that may or may not exist. And on the other hand, he posts pictures of the most rural areas in Saudi and neglects the many state of the art stadiums such as King Fahad stadium in Riyadh that was featured on “beyond 2000” as a state of the art design in the 90’s.
    This theme is repeated on every comparison made on this web page and therefore I urge every viewer to be cautious in drawing conclusions.
    Husam Darwish

  3. anyways ... you are a lier ok.
    this is not true ...
    you are taking pics and naming them wroooong ..
    so ...
    you are wasting my time liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiier

  4. btw, this isn't Hail official stadium. I doubt that you've been in saudi arabia b4.

  5. you are sooooo sick and big lier im saudi you didnt said the truth >>> all this picture not about poor people its about people live in deserts because they want that kind of live>>> manool

  6. والخافي اعظم

  7. I have lived in Hail from 1992 - 1994, and with all due respect the official stadium is not like that and not even close. Because I used to go to the VIP stand and had access to all the facilities of the stadium. Not even the 4th stadium is like the one in the picture. What this shows me a person that has a grudge on KSA because his county is corrupt and is going into financial recession because of political fools. Hence, the person is the one living in poverty and wants to project his problem to others.

  8. Not true. This is Hail's official stadium:


  9. اقول هذا فاضي جالس يصور ملاعب القرى في الحواري حقت الشباب ومسوي انها ملاعب الاندية والفقر يرجال يكفي نعمة الاسلام والامن وعدم الخوف لو تقطع الاف الاميال يالتيوس

  10. السلام عليكم
    بغض النظر عن قصد صاحب المدونه الفقر شي حقيقي بالسعوديه والبطاله وصلت لحد غير معقول وفيه صور عندي ابشع م هذي وتصور قذارت مأسسات الحكومه والمسأولين فيها على الرغم من دعم الحكومه بالمليارات والجهود المبذوله للشعب الا انه فيه ناس ما تخاف الله يبون يشوفونا في حاجه دائماً (لكن الله فوق)

    i gree with you....its correct 100%

  11. This isn't true.
    This image isn't the official stadium. It's just football play ground outside the city.. near the camping sites.

    Please show valid info. if you wish to show the real picture.

    And BTW...poverty exist in every sigle country in the world ... even in largest industrial countries in the world...China, Japan and USA.

    The only time and place people lived with out a single poor was the Islamic Caliphate Omar bin Alqatab era...

    Refresh your knowledge please ;)

  12. حاول تكون واقعي عند بعض المقارنات مثل الملاعب
    مع أنه كان يجب علينا أن نبدأ مثل هذه الحروب الاعلاميه ضد الفقر عندنا بالسعوديه من زمان
    الملايين للخارج والشعب مايقدر يعيش

  13. my friend that what happened when the majority slaves out thee in Saudi
    Saudi from the richest countries in the world as a country but there citizen are poorest people on earth

  14. I was lived in hail 4 years ago and i had not seen like this just in picnic area. the official stadium in hail in my opinion is great comparing with other cities and we still need to show the world what we are look like?

  15. u r fooling yourself! this is not official! you have to show people the truth otherwise they won't trust u anymore!