Wednesday, February 3, 2010

poor saudi family live uder bridge 2010


  1. It really hearts when I see that.

  2. This family is not living there, but taking a rest while travilling......

  3. Is not true that only non-passenger

    But living without a home if more Saudis Ka outside the main cities

    Why lie and we are working to improve our image abroad, either Alrai

    And in fact we live the life of Bois

  4. coooooome oooooon .....yo
    they are not even saudi ...i can tell they are egyption...
    please try something eles ..
    saudi people are feeling comfortable..and if there any poor families you would never see them living in the streets maaan they have what they need to live a vert simple life...

  5. Put pictures of the city of Al Ahsa if you do not have you I can make my

    Or any other country in the world is the welfare of all its people

    Thank you


  6. I really hope that everyone gets a better live than this. there is not a single human being deseres to be in such a situation :(

  7. yeah that's really happen in ksa..
    citizens are poor..!
    princes are rich rich rich than any one in the world..!

  8. This is prevalent system everywhere. The rich are getting richer while the poor are getting poorer day by day. The situation can be bettered by addressing the issue which can help these people overcome their poverty through education, employment, etc.

  9. oil funds are mostly going to the king and his family and the country ,people are not that important

  10. Now how would someone know whether or not the family is just taking a rest or living there? Unless they actually took the time to talk to the family.

  11. sorry bro...

    I am from USA and I have been leaving in KSA
    for 2 years and they are kind people and polite..
    may you find 5% just poor..and 95% are comfortable..


  12. سلطان زهران الازدFebruary 24, 2010 at 6:14 AM

    رغم شكوكي في اهداف صاحب المدونة
    الا انه طفح الكيل وظهر عل السطح كل قبيح توارى عن الاعين في فترات سابقة
    الا رحماك بنا ياربنا
    وانتقامك في من ظلمنا عاجلا ليس اجل

  13. ابن الجزيرهFebruary 25, 2010 at 2:59 PM

    بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم
    اولا المقصود بالموضوع برمته فتنه حمنا الله نها
    ثانيا هذه حكمة الله وكل شخص مكتوب له رزقه
    ثالثا الا ياتي لنا الكاتب بحال امريكا الفقراء و و الخ
    والله اننا في نعمه نحسد علبها
    اذكرو الله وادعو في صلاح الحال

  14. yes it is not home but hi is relax an there

  15. يوجد هناك فقر ولا احد يستطيع انكاره وابو متعب ما قصر والله يسدد خطاه ويرزقه البطانه الصالحه ولم نرى الامريكان رحماء بنا بله هذا يسعى الى فتنة وإلا لماذا لم يصور الجيش الامريكي في العراق وافغانستان وغيرها لماذا لم يصور الفلسطينيين وما يفعله اليهود لماذا لم يصور الشارع الامريكي بما فيه المشردين وغيرهم لم نرى أمريكيا رحيما بالشعب المسلم أبدا.

  16. There are poor in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia,I say this because I am from Saudi.Years ago,the government said:"We will eradicate poverty" until now they do not.Some expectations says,after a few years will be there two social classes one is rich other is poor.