Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Al-Qunfudah city Official Stadium 2010


  1. who said that this is an official staudium???
    these places are only for poor children to play in.....it is not an official staudium.

    Saudi girl.

  2. did you say official stadium????
    man u should use your mind ok we r in 2010 so its imopssible...
    its just an empty area in and the kida are playing..
    maaaan you dont even know what saudi arabia is !!

  3. are you actually in Saudi Arabia?
    have you ever visited it? or all these blogs are some speculations you made after seeing some photos ..?

    this "stadium" as you say, is actually a playground for kids and young boys to ride banshees under adult supervision, or for neighbor kids to play a friendly match of football

    I seriously thought you support a cause, but now I think your just an idiot.

  4. I am Sudanese living in Saudi Arabia,what this blogger say is a big LIE, I advise him to contact the most nearby psycologist to check his mental condition.

  5. This is totally not true ..
    and all these pictures are not fear to Saudi Arabia ..!!
    our country is much more than what u r saying in ur pic ..!!!!



  6. i am from qunfodah
    these picture is right
    because is no any stedum in qunfodah
    the qunfodah is boor city

    1. As you say you belong to qunfudhah, can you say about the place and facilities available. This place is suppose to be underdeveloped but the kingdom is trying to improve a lot. There are lots of educational/professional institutions coming in future years.