Monday, November 16, 2009

school in zimbabwe.. the poorest country on the world

as wee can see it is better than saudi school!


  1. هلا صور معبرة عن واقع مؤلم

    هل تسمح بنقل الصور؟؟

  2. omg !! who belives that the poorest country in the world is so much better compared to Saudi Arabia -the money on trees - !!!
    it's so much painful to me to see that !! and still there's more !!

    you keep doing what you're doing and i HOPE that one day SOMEONE will hear you

    thank you so much MR.adam

  3. It is so sad to see that such rich country in a situation like that compared to Zimbabwe which has limited income and resources. I really feel furious to see my country being driven this way by those people.

  4. What have these pictures and got to do with Saudi Arabia??
    Honestly find something that will benefit you for starters instead of looking for little strings to gain popularity on you idiot. Zimbabwe is in Africa (nothing to do with Arabia) and yes it is the poorest country in the world, although where you get your ideas that the schools are better than in Saudi Arabia, u must have lost your mind...U should visit it then attempt complaining, but assuming one thing when facts are others, than u are nothing but a lowlife who has lack of knowledge and interest in seeking the truth of Saudi Arabia.
    Name ONE country, just one, that has a University like Umm Al-Qura in Makkah....goodluck!

    Just like EVERY other country in the world Saudi Arabia has poor areas, and still makes the Worlds Top 25 wealthiest countries....where is Zimbabwe in the list??? Hmmmmm the 192 place !!!!

    Hahahaha pick on someone you can actually battle with, coz MEKKA (Saudi Arabia) IS GUARDED by the Angels, but then again, you low lives, have lack of knowledge about anything, why because u have no interest in anything but I take it that you're a Christian, which says it all.