Wednesday, January 20, 2010

saudi city_Riyadh 2010


  1. thank you man for your work,

    i'm Saudi Arabian student in the UK , and the people here do not know about the other face of saudi arabian people, they think all the Saudi are rich and princes and ever family have its own oil well..
    if we do not have corruption we will be the best country in the world,

  2. ok this is ridiculous !!
    I live in Riyadh and I have never seen such things here !

    I agree that Saudi Arabia should improve in many ways, but its not as bad as your picturing it!

    I don't know what are your motives but your exaggerating and you should also show the good side of Saudi Arabia as well !!

  3. You are comparing between the poorest places in Saudi Arabia and the richest placses in Zimbabwe..

    Thats really Injustice..

  4. I swear to God I have been followed by a young boy yesterday , he asked me to buy shoes for him and for two of his relatives, when I go with him to the store i found his father waiting there , he was blind and i had paid the value of the three shoes (75 SR) and is the equivalent of $ 18 and the Saudi family and finally asked me father an amount equivalent to $ 8 in order to feed his family!
    Many Saudis came to the perigee, has been eliminated Aihm of living, a living are hard to come by, people do not want to ride Mercedes or even seen in the street, they want enough to eat and breath of their children, I think it's planned and not such as poor management, the Saudi Arabia vast oil resources and revenues very large and do not see an impact on citizens at all.


  6. Unfortunately, you are right man.
    may Allah bless us.

  7. realy that is half of the trouth
    There is good said in saudi but still there are many nigative thing's
    better than you present
    I'm agree with you about the PRINCES they are spend to much ?
    but who can ask thim why?
    allah over all

  8. Thanks 4 showing the trueth ...

  9. we need help in saudia arabia

    everythin is expensive >>>>>

    the life it,s so difficult

    god save us

    jedday life in jeddah city

  10. mmm first thank U 4 all and keep on
    ...don't forget that you'r government know it all and it's ok with it..cuz Democracy not important as long it take's oil from here in exchange of hilping and protect those prince's Corruption

  11. Welcome to Saudi Arabia

  12. First .. I would like to thank the work of this excellent report, which reveals to us the real situation in the richest country in the world!!

    Do not be surprised, dear Vomwal oil all go to the royal family (Al Saud), while fed the remains of people from their surplus money!!

    The situation in the Kingdom is very embarrassing if you compare the money the huge government-owned .. Sorry, I mean the ruling family.

    The family of the ruling dealing with the land private property .. How much of the territory of their names and how many from the streets of their names and how many hospitals and schools of their names!!! Indeed the land of the Arabian Peninsula, all privately owned them!!
    Even the smallest of their children has a street or a building or park in his name!!!


  14. there are many prinses who helping many familys

  15. dude why should we wait any prince to help us while as saudi citizens we have the right to have at least a bit of their wealth to have a better life!!

  16. corruption corruption corruption corruption corruption corruption corruption corruption corruption corruption corruption corruption corruption corruption corruption corruption

  17. I'm Saudi .. and I live in Riyadh ..
    first of all you're showing something real and it's there in evrey singl city in Saudi Arabia but that's not the point here!
    I disliked the way you compeard us to poorer countries because there are poor people in evrey city in the world, NY, LA and so on, so that's not new!
    In general, thank you vrey much for your work because you at least DID something to help and you showed that you care .. So thank you again and again ..

  18. It is true that there are many positive aspects of Saudi Arabia but I am from the citizens of this country and there's corruption is horrible and the directory that 30% of the budget Analm disappear and how to get that, but said that an example of poverty in the city of Riyadh neighborhood called Almnfoha will see with your own eyes, also in poverty, Jeddah, particularly south of Jeddah said, speaking on poverty in Saudi Arabia may know my brother we are talking about did not know anything about the world.

  19. This is a response to comment by Oblivious dated February 18, 2010 4:16 PM.

    Because you live in the other side of Riyadh does not mean this side does not exist you dickhead. You agree that Saudi should improve, you ass hall, Saudi Arabia should change.

    No need to see the good site, it is all over the media.

    “When a dog bites a man that is not news, because it happens so often. But if a man bites a dog, that is news.”
    - Editor, John B. Bogart, New York Sun

    Of course there is a motive(s). What over the motives are. It is a truthiness that counts.

  20. I'M living in Saudi Arabia since 32 years !!

    The fact not like this pictures ??

    for example / who said that there is no studime in saudia ???
    they have perfect one
    I think he hate KSA for a resoan in his head only :)

  21. I think the page onwer did not meet the standards of comparison between two thingsor more. I agree that we have poor people, old places and old cars. but we are not as you put there. Just choose the right thing, bad with bad and good with good. Then you can compare between them. make your mind again and edit what you publish on the page.

  22. you presents the dark side only and ignored the light one, in addition these scenes are everywhere


  24. Yeah this is true !! but we really have faith at the Government to change at least 50%

  25. All that you wrote is totally correct.

    REACH COUNTRY with poor citizens.

  26. sucks, thats unbelievable
    the people in charge forget about Islam principles.
    anyway the Lord would ask them in the judgement day and the would be in the hell with no any doubt.

  27. Thanks for your report, but your comparison is not fair because you did not compare between poor area in Saudi Arabia and the others. All countries have poor city as well as Saudi Arabia even if you go to the USA. Please, before you distribute some pictures ensure you have cover all aspects of the issue.

  28. I'm from KSA & i live in US . It's true that we have poverty, but at least 99.99% have there own place to live. In America, you worth what you have;alot of homeless people sleep at streets, and no one gives a shit!
    Believe me, it's way better to live in KSA

  29. All stated in real images. Even for people who find they eat only once a day.
    This, unfortunately, reality.

  30. Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is an Islamic Arab country and the largest country of the Middle East. and its size is approximately 2,149,690 square kilometers (830,000 sq mi).
    The Kingdom is sometimes called "The Land of the Two Holy Mosques" in reference to Mecca and Medina, the two holiest places in Islam. The two mosques are Masjid al-Haram and Masjid Al-Nabawi.
    The current Kingdom was founded by Abdul-Aziz bin Saud, whose efforts began in 1902 when he captured the Al-Saud’s ancestral home of Riyadh, and culminated in 1932 with the proclamation and recognition of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia,
    Saudi Arabia is the world's leading petroleum exporter. Petroleum exports fuel the Saudi economy.
    Saudi Arabia is divided into 13 emirates
    Largest Cities by Population millions
    Riyadh more than 5 ,Jeddah more than 4 ,Mecca more than 2.5 ,Medina more than 2, Dammam more than 2 , Ta'if more than 1.5, Buraydah more than 1.5, Tabuk 1,Khamis Mushait 1 ,Abha 0,6 ,Al-Khubar 0.7.
    When the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia was founded in 1932, education was not accessible to everyone and limited to individualized instruction at religious schools in mosques in urban areas. These schools taught Islamic law and basic literacy skills. By the end of the century, Saudi Arabia had a nationwide educational system providing free training from preschool through university to all citizens.
    Gentlemen ,
    As I state for you in the top Saudi Arabia new born country 1932 and I state to you that its size is approximately 2,149,690 square kilometres (830,000 sq mi). So its large country , this large country need son’s to raise here form poorness to richness , the only way to achieve that by having Saudis become very well educated by been doctors , engineers , Scientists, experts, Financial, innovators, thinkers and writers, so we have to do first the elimination of ignorance, and to prepare generations can carry a message of progress and prosperity of the country, Saudi Arabia has always tried to achieve this goal and we will reach this goal is not in the next coming 5 years but will close up and reached the same level as developed counties during the next 10-15 years .
    Yes there are some saudies are poor but there are some saudies are rich too and there are middle class saudies which they are the majority and I am one of them .
    Poverty and wealth throughout the ages companions where there is poverty there is richness in life
    Saudi Arabia was one of the poorest countries and now one of the richest countries.
    The Saudis have moved from uneducated to educated now , but we still need more and more because rich people without education they still poor and they cannot make changes in their lives . so that what you see some are poor and they Have chosen to live as the photo you seen , and also I doubt it they Saudis.. they were probably foreigners, failed to return to their home countries and their presence is illegal in the Kingdom, which they can’t rent houses or even they can’t have regular work with the Saudis . the Government do help in many of these cases .
    So I do not think that you or anybody will see such photos any more may be only in museums . and that is promise inshallah . With regard to the images presented are pictures of houses of illegal employment in the Kingdom and they illegally built the houses . but we as Saudi we should make sure this kind of maters should be dealt with immediately .
    Best regards for all

  31. As a decent writer .. u shouldn't lie or take sides. A REAL WRITER,u must tell the truth even if u don't like. But 2 show ONLY the 2 extreme sides of a life in SA; that's prejudice. Life isn't only black or whike .. as if there's not different shades of grey. U only shwed the life standard of the filthy rich & the poorest of the poor & u ignored the majority of Saudis like teachers, doctors, engineers or even taxi drivers.
    Besides, SA isn't the only country in the world which has such scenses or have u 4gotten the American homeless ppl who live in the sewers?????? or the rate of ur crimes like rape, murder ... etc????
    U live in our country, steal our money & hate us 4 that?? is 'cuz of our oil?? everyone hates us 4 our oil!!! Go 2 ur country don't take our money. If ur life was good in ur OWN contry, u wouldn't have left it & came begging in ours.


    A REAL Saudi who REALLY knows her country

  32. "The truth is found when men are free to pursue it."

    Franklin D. Roosevelt

  33. After I saw these pictures and read all the comments I have several questions and I hope to answer for
    What is the purpose of the deployment of images? What does we will get to view the harrowing images? Does this change the situation? Do you have a solution to this dilemma? Do you really helped to end the suffering of these families? And last question .. Did you enjoy and you look in the eyes of these poor people and you take them pictures. You gave them food fills hunger? Why give them in return.? What we will get in return.? We know our reality, but .. Unfortunately, you traded these poor families without mercy

  34. Another problem is the bias, and lack of understanding
    The man says to you,
    The other side for Saudi Arabia
    The sense that the man spoke of a life of poverty in Saudi Arabia
    Everyone imagine the Saudi pepole
    we have oil wells
    This is not true

    There is poor in many of its infrastructure construction
    Enough to conform to our streets and compare between them and the streets in rich countries to see the difference

    As in European countries or Japan or China

  35. i am afraid this is a black mail to get money from saudi government ... then close it .

  36. may be There is some of Places Seems similar of those Photos..
    I mean schools and streets ..We can not denial thes..
    But everyone knows That there are no children work In our kingdom
    ...And also there is no families Poor like this extent

    Everysingle in the kingdom There is a monthly stipend For him
    If he does not have who Take Care of him I mean, women and children..
    Or if he can not Take Care of Himself
    If he was a man suffering from impaired or can not work

    Conclusion from this

    we Supposed to not have poor people or Homeless ,, at all

    I really do not understand those pictures

    definitely It is not from Saudi Arabia

    so You must correct your BLOG

    Please ^_^

    تحياتي ,,حور العين

  37. I think these paces do exist in Saudi Arabia. However, one can not assume one single reason behind that. It might be due to difficulties, ignorance, governmental agencies, corruption, historical reasons, illegal buildings, illegal residency...

    However, the misery of people should not be used and manipulated to serve a political agenda. The privacy of people's life is an utmost basic right.

    In my point of view, the best help is to teach those people that their current situation is bad and need be changed. The second step is to teach them how to ask for help if they need and what are the available options. Third, you might be willing to organize a drive to help them or at least start when you can.

    Finally, rich Muslim countries should work hard to improve the living standards within their borders. We are in the 21st century and people shall be living in dignity.

    As a side note, the internal peace is the first priority and people should not mess with that bounty. Look at Iraq to understand the magnitude of the harm caused by loosing internal peace.

    Who is behind that? It is the same regional power that is trying to trigger a lot of political events in oil-rich states.

  38. عليكم السلام لل
    مرحبا يا أخي
    من أنت؟
    أنت تعرف. نحن أشقاء من امرأة واحدة هي الاسم هو الهوى. ورجل واحد اسمه آدم.
    أنا أحبك. كنت تحبني أيضا.؟
    لأني أحبك وآمل أن أعطيك أفضل شيء. لا يمكن باي ثمن هذا الشيء. ليس كل من الذهب وخليج المال ثمن هذا الشيء.
    تعطي لنفسك فرصة ضئيلة للتفكير. وقبل دقائق قليلة. إذا كنت تحب نفسك.
    تأخذ فكرة عن الإسلام. فقط الفكرة. ربما تجد الإسلام هو الطريق الصحيح.
    لا أحد يجبر لك شيئا.

    وأنا على استعداد لمساعدتك.
    أنا أحبك

  39. you don't have to tell anybody about it!! because they already knew the bad way and the bad tretment for thire own ppl and about them self.
    may God bless you and bless all of us
    Thank you

  40. It is very clear many thieves whom destroy our cities.

  41. شكرا علي الحقيقة شي مخجل think you for athroth thes is asmple وان كانت هذي مجرد عينة من الفقر ورضاء تام بالفقر الله يجيب مطر واتمني من الناس عدم سرقة الاموال واكل الاموال بالباطل لانهم محاسبين ولزم يكون عند هالناس الرحمة والوفاء والاخلاص والتخلص من من الضلم والاانا علشان نعيش بسالم ل\زم كلنا نحب بعض ونحترم بعض علشان نعيش بسالم ونشيل الحقد ونهزم الشيطان وشهواتنا ونكون خلفاء الله بالارض

    محبكم بندر الحنون

  42. اقول ياحليلها فاضي ورى مايصور ديرته بدال مهوب قاعد عندنا يصور ولا نسى يوم جاهم الزلزل واش سوت ديرتي لشعبه مليار ينطح مليار وتبي نكون شعب غني خش في عيني
    سعودي ووووافتخر

  43. Hey my friend, I would like to thank you for your interest in this subject, we all recognize that there are a lot of mistakes that must be corrected, but at the same time we believe that any society consists of rich and poor, good and bad, and a lot of contradictions, and also we are capable to overcomes our problems as we understood that changes come from inside.

  44. Its all ture, but it's not all. I agree we see Saudi rich people spend money like crazy in some countries and the goverment spend huge sums on un needed projects just to give an unrealistic image about the truth. Am fro
    Bahrain and we here have the same problems. Talented and educated people have no jobs, Bahraini doctors leave the country to work in other countries while people in here I need fir them! Why? Coz the goverment spent so much money in building the formula one project for them to have fun instead of hospitals.

    This is really sad, but at the and we all know that there will be day in whitch they'll be asked for every penny they spent in thier big cars, air plans and houses around the world, while many educated university grads can't feed thier families.

    Our systems in the middle east are all corrupted, but at the end all we can whish for is that Allah give them some wisdom. To think. Thier happyniss must come from thier people, not just by satisfying thier own indivisual needs. And as they say "Allah Kareem walhamdolelah 3alah kol 7al"

  45. those mother fuckers who eat all the saudi arabia money I hate saudia because of them ...........MOTHER FUCKERs

  46. this is sooo sad...
    thank you very much for sharing these photos with us.

    from California

  47. Well, all I have to say is...there are a lot of international women and children who want to go home to their own countries, and be set free from the Saud family's self proclamated, "oh no! we don't do that!" secret palace basement sex dungeons. I sincerely say, saud b/c it's the "saud" of arabia that's corrupt...not the arab people. I no longer let the word Saudi come out of my mouth. I just say, "Arabia." That family has stolen riches from it's people, and corrupted themselves and innocent people's lives. Missing women and children? Look no further than the Sauds. How do I know? I have blonde hair and blue eyes...

    A call to everyone...the Saud family immunity in foreign countries must be banned. They must stop being allowed to fly their jets in and out of your airports without passing through immigration and customs, and stop being allowed,to take "passengers" without passports. If you can do anything...tell your country officials NO MORE!!!!

  48. why the page is blocked in saudi Arabia?
    is the reason because it is real??
    good work you should bring more pictures about the rain in Jeddah and Riyadh

  49. You have 2 changes many pictures that already fake under Saudi Arabian name while it was really taken in Iraq or Afghanistan and other countries. Your comparison is not quite accurate because most of those poor people coming from Africa and I don't know how you compare the cause with the cause in the same side. .

    Try to be honest.
    You never have a second chance to make a good first impression
    ArarCity - Saudi Arabia

  50. Thank you to show us the truth!!!!!!!!!!!!
    bad royal family ........

  51. u r just like a cockroach enjoys going to the dumps! that's all!

  52. Do saudi arabia has poverty? Yes we do have poverty and in non official form i would say 30% can't cover the basic daily that a humen being needs.

    Does the royla family of saudi arabia all rich?
    No not all of the royal family of saudi arabia are rich and when i say royal family i am talking about anyone has (Al Saud) as there last name excluded the direct relatives of King abdulaziz (sons, doughters>and so on down >>)

    is all the poverty in saudi arabia are SAUDIS?

    no, and i can asure that 90% of that 30% poverty are not saudis not just that, they are illegal immegrants which does make sense to who doesn't know about saudi arabi.

    Is the Writer of this blog Honest in his reports about saudi arabi?

    No he is not for many reasons:

    1- when you compare between two objects you should choos the same category e.g ( don't compare a downtown of an african city with a poor district in a Riyadh , because you can do such a thing with any other city in the word, like the same african city above with bronix in NY, USA .

    2- the cars has no proof that are belong to princes as we all know in saudi arabia lots of traders and business men can own plans no just these cars.

    3- the kids labours mostly (99%) are not saudies as we all no by talking to them in person and mostly (99.9%) work for their fathers or by the force of there parents.

    to conclude i would assure that i am not denying that poor people are exist in saudi arabi when they shouldn't as saudi arabia is one of the richest GOVERNMENTs in the whole entire world. However, i would respect all what have been mentioned in this blog if it was honest enough and not taking sides for personal reasones that might the blogger hide.

    Mohammad Alanazi

  53. OMG hahahahahha thats a classic!

    In Zimbabwe, U ALL LOOK LIKE THAT!!! So dont try laughing at a minority in Saudi Arabia. Its not our president taking all the money leaving us with nothing.... it costs u less to whipe your behind with the money that it does to buy paper for it!!! then u talking about poor?? hahahaha get ur FACTS right(full story not biased) then argue!

  54. Almost every semi-developed nation has rich people and poor people. Rich areas and deprived areas etc. This isn't shocking nor is it "wrong". If this is "wrong" and indicative of a tyrant monarchy then I guess you can compare SA to England as well because believe me there's places that look like those pictures here as well.

  55. All those ppl ij the pictures are the shias. Saudi government ignore and despise them.

  56. That's not fair man
    The life of poor people is because of their negligence in improving themselves by studying well and finding a better job to live. The government of Saudi Arabia provides every possible way for its people to have the money by their efforts.
    Being a Saudi means Do I have to sleep at home and waiting for someone to knock the door and hand me some money?!!